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Our Journey

Tronix Computers began its journey in October 2001. It was the year where we witnessed the after-effects of the Y2K phase as all commercial sectors and households began to purchase computers and other electronics. Those were the glorious days for computer users as each new upgrade presented a new challenge.

It was then that we decided to launch our company too.

Our primary goal was to provide you with the latest gadgets and the best customer service so that your transition into the virtual world would be smooth. We are pleased to say that we continue to withhold this tradition and hope to do so in the future.

What’s our secret?

We prioritise our clients’ needs over everything else. This is why we make sure to hire a team that believes in doing the same. We try to always be available on call and in the store when a customer needs us. Any queries and questions you send through will always be answered.

Putting our customers first is the team motto

Our Team

We have hired a team of tech experts and trained salesman that excel in their job. They are hands down the best people for this job.

From your first computer to the last smartphone―the staff has witnessed several technology changes. They will stay by your side patiently listening to all your queries and answering your questions about the new trends and upgrades.

Connecting you with technology


Why Should You Choose Tronix?

Tronix has always tried to stay on top of the electronics game. Each and every upgrade and launch in the tech world is on our radar. This is done so that you get the best deals and the latest gadgets available in the market. We promise to cater to all your needs by providing you with:

  • Over 1000 items available in our stock
  • Fast shipment and delivery service
  • Affordable prices and best deals
  • Practical solutions for your tech problems
  • Cooperative staff and customer service team
  • Long term warranty with all products


We guarantee a hassle-free shopping experience


Are you ready to take up this offer?