Payment Policy

How to pay for your purchase? Tronix Computers has affiliated with safe and secure online transaction service providers to make certain you have the best secure options to pay for your items.

Online safety and security.
  • We use reliable and credible sources for online transactions
  • The sensitive information shared during purchases remains secured
  • Our payment methods are transparent
We’ve provided two payment channels. This ensures that our payment methods align with customer requirements.

Our online store ONLY accepts online payment via these channels:
  • Amazon Pay
  • PayPal

Apart from the online payment methods, Tronix Computers does accept bank to bank wire transfers. But you need to contact our billing department to get access to the required details.

*E-cheques via Pay Pal usually take up to 5 days to clear―your orders will be sent after all dues are cleared.

We don’t provide any funds or instalment policies for the products you’ve purchased.
Customers are requested to pay for their purchases in one-go.
Orders over £5000 might require an additional verification process
Please note that the payment methods and verification methods may change with time.
Therefore, we advise you to check this page before every new purchase. This ensures that there aren’t any issues or misunderstandings during transactions.

Shipment Policy

Tronix Computers is a global consumer’s electronics company. Our shipment services are applicable within the UK and overseas too. We make sure that each order is followed through by properly tracked deliveries and strong networking.

The shipment policies below ensure that there isn’t the delivery isn’t delayed or suspended due to an error.

UK Shipping Perks
Tronix Computers is affiliated with multiple delivery services. This allows us to reach customers no matter where they are. With that being said, residents of the UK do have a slight advantage over international customers.

This includes:
  • Exemption from additional delivery charges
  • No taxes or VAT will be charged upon purchase
  • The total amount shown during checkout is inclusive of all fees (if necessary)
  • We’ll pay back any additional amount charged by courier services if the situation arises
  • In short, we guarantee that you won’t have to pay anything more than what’s required for your purchase.

Delivery Protocol
Customers are given a list of delivery options once they reach our online checkout counter.

You’re given a choice to pick how your purchased products will be delivered to your address.

The total cost of delivery for each order is placed on the last page of your form. So that you may have an overview of the complete bill before you finalize the order.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:
Your delivery options might vary on each purchase. This is because they’re influenced by the weight and size of the product. Our delivery services may be different for each region.

You can’t select the courier service. The shipping department only authorises this decision.

Apart from these restrictions, the delivery methods are up to you.

Shipping Addresses
Our anti-theft policy states that a customer’s billing address and shipment address should be the same. In case of an alternate address, your credit card company will be requested to send in a verification form. This ensures that all products are delivered to a legitimate source.

The process takes time and resources. That’s why we request customers not to register alternate addresses for delivery.

Moreover, we don’t re-route packages or permit you to pick them up from the courier service. All orders should be placed with a delivery address.

Return Policy
We request you to adhere to these rules in case of returns and refunds:

  • You must accept the shipments and return them if need be.
  • Cancel your orders before your shipments have been dispatched.
  • Customers should notify the company if the delivered products appear to be damaged or have been tampered with.

We hope that our policies are crystal clear. If you’ve got any query or complaints, please contact us. Our customer support staff will follow-up ASAP!