MomoStick Finger Grip & Stand (Ostrich Black) with 2 x MomoClips

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  • MomoStick Finger Grip & Stand
  • 2 MomoClips
  • Simple to use Use anywhere you like to be hands free







MOMO Stick Finger Grip Holder provides a reliable, secured, and protective grip mechanism for your smartphones. The phone gripper can be installed to the backside of your mobile phone, to provide protection against accidental drops and phone misplacements.

The phone gripper comes in a super sleek design and ultimate lightweight for a super portable and easy mobile phone carrying experience. The phone gripper also allows you to take super steady photos minimizing shakes and vibrations. Even use the phone gripper as a mounting device, while you are driving. Overall the phone gripper is your ultimate tool for smartphone protection.

Comfortable Grip

The Momo Stick Phone Grip has been engineered to provide the ultimate protection for smartphones forms accidental faults. The Phone gripper with its super sleek and lightweight body gets attached to the backside of your cell phone and provides a holding band that neatly and comfortably curls around your fingers for secured holding.


This phone gripper has been designed to provide a comfortable and super lightweight holding experience and does not add additional weight for smartphone carrying

Phone Protection

The phone gripper provides a protective and secured grip that prevents phone damage and phone misplacement. The grip allows you to carry the smartphone all day long, without the damage of accidental damage and phone dropouts.

Better Photos

The phone grip provides additional advantage for taking super steady photos. With a secured, stable and unswerving base attached to the rear side of the phone, take super steady photos with minimal phone shakes and vibrations.

Mounting Device

Use the phone gripper as a phone mounting device by attaching it to the car’s vent, to provide an easily accessible and comfortable phone interaction while driving.

Universal Compatibility

The phone gripper provides a universal model and brand compatibility, along with a Sliding mechanism that provides coherence with any grip type.


  • MomoStick Finger Grip & Stand
  • 2 MomoClips
  • Simple to use
  • Use anywhere you like to be hands-free
  • Ostrich Black
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MomoStick Finger Grip & Stand

Ostrich Black