Warranty Terms and Conditions

Tronix strives to deliver premium-quality products in all circumstances. However, we do understand that electronic equipment may sometimes not work optimally. This is exactly why we have a reliable warranty policy in place for our customers!

Please go through the following warranty terms and conditions for a hassle-free experience at Tronix.

At Tronix Computers, only manufacturer defects will be dealt with under warranty. We will not cover any physical or liquid damage.

  • We offer a 3-month warranty for used items from all brands
  • We offer a 24-month warranty for all new items except Apple and Microsoft products
  • For Apple and Microsoft products, the warranty is provided directly by the manufacturer

Tronix Computers warrants that the electronic items delivered will:

  • Align with the approved demonstration in all respects
  • Be free from all sorts of defects, be it in design, material, or quality of the item
  • Conform to the product description and condition set out

Tronix Computers, will, at its convenience, repair or refund the delivered items that don’t comply with the aforementioned conditions only if the customer:

  • Sends a written complaint on Tronixcomputers.com within 24-hours after delivery of the package in case of defects that are visible or discoverable after a physical inspection
  • In case of a latent defect/s, the customer should notify the company within a reasonable time period
  • The customer’s complaint must specify the number and name/s of the defected items and must include sufficient detail of the nature and extent of the defects
  • The customers should allow Tronix Computers to review the complaint of defected items

All electronic items at Tronix Computers are to follow the product conditions except:

  • The items that Tronix doesn’t give warranty for or make representations related to the items

The Non-negotiable

The warranty plan doesn’t cover:

  • Damages caused due to improper installation or misuse of technical components.
  • Damages caused by natural disasters and environmental hazards
  • Damages caused by external factors, such as voltage issue or power fluctuation
  • Items with evident damage done by the customer
  • Items with broken seals and illegible serial numbers
  • Malfunctioning of the items due to incompatibility with the customer’s personal software


  • Tronix Computers reserves the right to replace defected parts with new ones
  • Tronix will not be held responsible for the loss of any personal data during the repair process. However, we will try our best to restore it
  • The company reserves the right to deny warranty services if the customer fails to abide by these terms and conditions
  • The warranty plan is subject to change from time to time to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. You are requested to read through the entire plan before filling out the online registration form

Tronix Computers guarantees to fulfil its promises to the customers. However, customers must also realise that some defects are non-fixable.

To avail our warranty services, please contact us at info@tronixcomputers.com

In case you have any queries or concerns, please get in touch with our customer service.